Performa Broiler yang Diberi Ransum Mengandung Daun Sengon (Albizzia falcataria) yang Direndam dengan Larutan Kapur Tohor (CaO)

. Akmal, . Mairizal


This research aims at meauring the use of  Sengon leaves soaked in kapur tohor and it’s effect on the performance of broiler. The Study used 100 broiler Hubber aged 3 days and 5 treatments ration which contain  different  Sengon. The design used in this study was completely randomized design (CRD) with 5 treatmen. Parameter measured  were ration consumption, body weight gain, feed convertion and carcass. The result of this study shows that the use of sengon in the ration is effective significantly (P<0.05) on the ration consumtion, body weight gain,carcass and feed convertion. It could be concluded that Sengon  can be used up to 7.5% in the ration of the broiler.


Kapur Tohor (CaO); Sengon; Carcass; body weight; feed consumption; convertion



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