Tingkat Keberhasilan Pelaksanaan Eliminasi Buatan Pada Ternak Sapi Di Kecamatan IV Angkat Candung Kabupaten Agam

Tinda Afriani


A field survey has been conducted to study the parameter achievements of artificial insemination (AI) by 4 different breeds of cows in IV Angkat Candung sub district of Agam District, West Sumatra. Data collected included conception rate (CR), service per conception (S/C) and calving rate from 496 cows which were divided into 4 offspring breeds: Simmental, Ongol, Charolais and Brahman. Results showed that the achievements of AI in the surveyed area were relatively high. The CR, S/C and Calving rate were found 76.68 %, 1.30 and 72.57 %, respectively. The most fertile cow was indicated by Ongol.


AI; conception rate; service per conception; calving rate

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25077/jpi.12.2.136-141.2007


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